Career - Hiring! Food Safety QA Assistant

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Food Safety QA assistant


A quality assurance assistant is responsible for ensuring that the units produced adhere to an established quality standard.


Specific duties of a quality assurance assistant position include overseeing the entire production process, looking out for specific problems, minutely observing the units of goods produced for visible defects, performing various tests on the samples drawn, noting down observations, accepting and rejecting lots on the basis of samples checked, assisting in implementation of quality control programs, assisting in preparation of training manuals and quality guidelines, and performing other tasks assigned by the quality ​assurance ​​manager

A quality assurance assistant typically reports to quality assurance​ ​manager



A quality assurance assistant should have an associate's degree or a bachelor's degree. Excellent academic credentials are desirable. Prior experience working as a quality assurance assistant may be advantageous.

Knowledge of industry-wide accepted quality norms is preferred.   

Bilingual Can Speak and Write Chinese is required


Full Time position:

40 hours/weeks

Early Morning Shifts Starts from 8:00 am

Pay Rate:$13.00/hr~$17.00/hr DOE


We offer:

A competitive pay and benefits include medical insurance, dental, 401K plan and employee discounts.