Career - Career-Job Title: Leasing Specialist for East Coast/租賃專員

133 Randolph St., Brooklyn, NY 11237 - 05/06/2019.


 Leasing Specialist

We are a large regional retail grocery store looking for an individual to join our team in the role of a Leasing Specialist. This position will be responsible for leasing and managing property operations, legally binding financial transactions and record keeping for our retail properties.


Duties and responsibilities shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

Responsible for leasing and property management related matters

Required to travel to various locations

Implement marketing programs of the property for leasing, ability to identify qualifying prospective tenants, and creation of all rental agreements

Show properties for prospective tenants

Ability to process applications, negotiation, contract reviewing and close deals

Ensure all paperwork and legal documents are properly completed.

Other Administrative responsibilities as needed

Knowledge of Real Estate legal and related documentation

Compare properties with similar properties to determine a fair market price.



● Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Business Administration or related field.

● At least 5 years experiences in commercial property leasing, management and brokerage activities including reporting, lease negotiation, documentation and administration required

● The real estate agent/broker license required KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, & ABILITIES

● Strong working knowledge of Google Apps and MS Suite (Word, Excel)

● Ability to effectively communicate and negotiate both orally and written

● Multi-tasks, strong sales, marketing and customer service skills

● Strong problem solving, decision making, analytical skills, and organizational skills OTHERS

Bilingual in Mandarin Chinese preferred.

50% travel is required including out-of-state

We offer competitive compensation, a comprehensive benefits package and a great work environment.

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我們是一家大型區域零售雜貨店,正在尋找個人加入我們的團隊,擔任租賃專家。該職位將負責租賃和管理房地產業務,具有法律約束力的金融交易和我們零售物業的記錄保存。 義務和責任 職責和責任應包括但不限於以下內容: ●負責租賃和物業管理相關事宜 ●需要前往不同地點 ●實施物業的租賃營銷計劃,識別符合條件的潛在租戶的能力,以及創建所有租賃協議 ●顯示潛在租戶的屬性 ●能夠處理申請,談判,合同審查和完成交易 ●確保所有文書工作和法律文件正確完成。 ●根據需要承擔其他行政職責 ●了解房地產法律和相關文件 ●比較具有類似屬性的屬性以確定公平的市場價格。 資格 教育與經驗 ●房地產,工商管理或相關領域的學士學位。 ●至少5年的商業物業租賃,管理和經紀活動經驗,包括報告,租賃談判,文件和管理 ●房地產經紀人/經紀人執照需要知識,技能和能力 ●紮實的Google Apps和MS Suite工作知識(Word,Excel) ●能夠有效地進行口頭和書面溝通和談判 ●多任務,強大的銷售,營銷和客戶服務技能 ●強大的問題解決能力,決策能力,分析能力和組織能力 ●漢語雙語者優先考慮。 ●需要50%的旅行,包括州外 我們提供有競爭力的薪酬,全面的福利待遇和良好的工作環境。

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