Career - BCK-Baker

6401 Regio Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620 - 05/23/2018.

Summary Description:

If the smells of baking bread, pies, cookies and other bakery items wafting through the air put a smile on your face, then this is the position for you. You will work with a team dedicated to provide the freshest, most delicious bakery products throughout the day. As a dough molder and mixer operator you will prepares doughs for breads, rolls, cakes, and other pastries, according to established recipes; also shape dough for fancy pastries either by hand or by using dough molder, dough rollers and cookie cutters, cut dough into uniform portions with knife or divider, molds dough into loaves or other shapes, and places in pans. You will ensure cleanliness of bakery, storage area, and work area for safety. You can use your passion to provide the best baked good to our customers to build long lasting relationships and repeat business.

Physical Requirements:

Skill Requirements:

Job Location:

6401 Regio Ave., Buena Park, CA 90620 (You may also walk in to apply)

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Part Time position:

30 to 38 hours per week


Early Morning Shifts:

 Mon.~Thu. (Starts at 5:00 am)

 Fri. ~Sat  . (Starts at 3:00 am)


What we offer:

We are an EEO employer