Career - Las Vegas Store Hiring

3768 S Maryland Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89119 - 10/24/2018.

Open position:
*Bakery staff

*Hot Deli staff

Please contact the store manager for job details Tel:(702) 866-8899

Basic requirements
No experience, but there are supermarket-related experiences
Good communication skills and willingness to help customers
Need to arrange work on weekends or holidays
Bilingual English/Spanish is preferred
Work needs long stand
Work must lift more than 25 pounds of goods
Need to be able to work legally in the United States

We Offer
Full time / 40 hours • Competitive salary • 401(k) • Comprehensive health insurance • Dentistry • Life insurance plan • And more!
Part-Time / 30 Hours • 401(k) • Comprehensive Medical Insurance
Part-time / 26 hours • 401(k)