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There're only few days left (4/22/2018) to participate Mother's Day - Children's Drawing Contest. Did you turn in your brilliant artwork yet?
Our topic for this year is "My Dream", which will definitely be one of the best ideas to fully utilize children’s dream. The purpose of it is to uncover and stimulate children's creativity, while enhancing their interest in art and design. We are excited to have your participation!


1. ORGANIZER: 99 Ranch Market - Northern California, Oregon, New Jersey and Washington State.

2. SPONSORS: Tawa Charitable Foundation, East West Bank, Pat Chun Vinegar, Prince of Peace Enterprises Inc, Bull Head Brand, Yeo’s, Vitasoy, Calpico, S & B golden curry, Ajinomoto, Kikkoman, Lion & Globe.

3. ELIGIBILITY: Group A (5-9 years old), Group B (10-15 years old).

4. ENTRY PERIOD: Entry begins from 03/9/2018 to 04/22/2018.

5. ARTWORK: Artwork must be done by contestant on 8.5" x 11" size paper. Artwork with different size

will not be accepted. All artworks will not be returned. One entry per contestant.

6. HOW TO APPLY:  Entry forms can be obtained from Customer Service at any 99 Ranch Market stores in Northern California, Washington State, Oregon, and New Jersey or download here.

        Northern Califorinia, Washington, Oregon


        New Jersey

7. JUDGES: All entries will be judged by artists invited by 99 Ranch Market.

8. RATING: Creativity - 45% / Skill - 20% / Subject Relevance - 35%.

9. AWARDS: Total 94 Awards (47 Awards for each group). For details please see Entry Form.

10. NOTIFICATION: Winners list will be posted at all stores. All winners will be notified by 99 Ranch Market via email or telephone.


Posted by 99 RANCH MARKET on 04/19/2018.

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